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Cancer Victims Should Have Homes Tested for the Pesticide Chlordane

Chlordane Molecule

by Wayne Sinclair, M.D.
Allergy - Asthma - Immunology
Vero Beach, Florida

Topics Discussed Include:

Cancer and the Immune System
Cancer and Macrophages
Cancer and Chlordane
Cancer and Pesticides
Cancer and Chemicals
DNA Damage and Cancer
Cancer Rates
Brain Cancer Risks
Blood Cancer Risks
Childhood Cancer Risks

Macrophages Paralyzed By the Common Pesticide Chlordane

The pestide chlordane is being found in the indoor air of approximately 75% of homes tested by the US Air Force and above the safety levels of 5 micrograms per cubic meter in 6-7% of all homes. This frequency of detection has been found similar in three other national studies and is expected to remain the same throughout all homes in the US.

Chlordane was the termite chemical of choice used on practically all homes built before April of 1988. Chlordane has been applied in these homes underneath the foundation, in the attic and even was routinely applied indoors up until 1980, at which point EPA recommended discontinuing this practice. The dangers of chlordane are due to the fact that the chemical is extremely stable and remains in the air for decades after treatment. This fact, in combination with the very low levels of chlordane necessary to increase cancer risks and immune system damage, makes this chemical extremely dangerous.

This should generate serious concern among all cancer patients
because of the following research study.

Macrophages are one of the most important immune system cells which organize the attack against bacteria, viruses and cancer. However, in tests conducted at the Department of Immunology at the University of Arkansas, and reported in the 1992 Archives of Environmental Health, it was found that when mice were exposed to chlordane, their macrophages were almost entirely paralyzed in the ability to destroy cancer cells for 24 hours after exposure.

The microscopic photograph at right shows a macrophage reaching out to eliminate bacteria. This process functions at greatest efficiency when it is not impaired by exposure to immune weakening chemicals.

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