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Chemical & Pesticide Health Effects Research 
by Wayne Sinclair, M.D. Allergy, Asthma & Immunology - Vero Beach, FL 
Richard Pressinger, M.Ed., Tampa, FL 
Brain Cancer & Neuroblastoma Increase found in St. Lucie County, Florida
U.S. Homes Contaminated with Banned Pesticide Chlordane 
Serious Health Risks Found - 75% of U.S. Population Affected
Lawn & Home Pesticide Use Showing Many Health Risks - Research Articles
Infertility/Miscarriage Research Studies
Attention Deficit - Learning Disabilities - Hyperactivity - Environmental Causes

Other links below provide additional medical summaries on how exposure to common chemicals and pesticides can cause or worsen many health conditions. Illnesses found to result from these low level exposures include neurological disorders such as memory loss, depression, anger, chronic fatigue, child learning and behavior problems, as well as infertility and illnesses related to an improperly functioning immune system such as asthma, allergies, infections and autoimmune disorders. The chemicals being identified in the research as causing the main problems include pesticides, disinfectants, cosmetic products, nail polish compounds, perfumes, colognes and solvents used in paints, hobbies and industry. The following index provides links to research files on how and why many of these chemicals are causing illness. Information has been compiled by Wayne Sinclair, M.D. and Richard Pressinger, M.Ed. New chemical toxicology research topics are being added to this site weekly so be sure to check with us again.

Pesticide and Chemical Illness Search Index
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Pesticides for the Home & Lawn Now Showing Serious Health Risks 

Excellent comprehensive medical summaries on the increasing health dangers being found for common indoor home and lawn pesticides. Research on increased risks for several cancers, leukemia, chronic fatigue, increased infections and damage to immune system and brain function discussed. Medical research documentation provided with each summary. Good starting point for media and legal projects as well as physicians needing health information. Click on the title above for the research information.

Chlordane Contaminates the Air of Homes Built Before 1988. 

50%-75% of U.S. homes have been found to contain indoor air levels of the pesticide chlordane due to the previous application of the chemical before it was banned in March 1988. Homes built before 1980 (when indoor application was legal) created even a worse contamination problem. The U.S. Air Force estimates over one-half the U.S. population is affected. Other scientists say the problem is even worse. Symptoms found for people living in these homes include increases in allergies, asthma, cough, liver problems, bronchitis, sinusitis, migraine headaches, infections, memory and/or concentration problems, depression, anger/agitation and autoimmune disorders such as arthritis. Very strong links to blood disorders such as leukemia have also been found for people living in homes with higher chlordane levels. This is a very serious problem which physicians have already asked Congress to conduct nationwide testing. Further concern generated as approximately 7% of homes tested contain chlordane levels over the safety levels sest by the National Academy of Sciences. People buying homes built before 1988 need to know the types of homes found to have higher chlordane air levels. If you would like information on how to reduce contamination in a home with chlordane air problems visit

Testing Indoor Air for the Pesticide Chlordane 

Provides information on how to test the inside of your home or office for the pesticide chlordane, which has been found to be the cause of sick building syndrome in at least 7% of U.S. homes. Because of the number of homes showing a problem with chlordane contamination, this is an important safeguard for families whose members presently exhibit chlordane exposure symptoms such as asthma, allergies, fatigue, frequent infections, migraines, concentration problems and/or depression. If an individual's health condition worsens upon returning home to a building built before March of 1988, chlordane should be a priority suspect cause.

Sick Building Syndrome 

Discusses the chemicals being found in indoor air of most homes and the potential to cause illness by weakening important immune system functions or by causing gradual deterioration to the brain and nervous system.

Infertility and Miscarriage Facts 

Couples experiencing infertility or miscarriage will find valuable information at this site on environmental causes of infertility and miscarriage. Information provided on job risks, pesticide risks and surprising reproductive risks from common household chemicals affecting both the male and female. Any couple considering pregnancy should visit this site as well.

CAUSES OF - Attention Deficit Disorder - Learning Disabilities - Mental Retardation - Hyperactivity and Behavior Disorders in Children.  

Over 100 medical research studies showing how modern chemicals commonly found in the indoor air, food and cosmetics and previously considered "safe" are now being found to damage sensitive brain growth periods in the developing child during pregnancy. New information showing why the developing child can receive serious brain damage from a chemical exposure while adults with a mature nervous system do not. Also studies showing exposure of the father to chemicals and pesticides before conception can damage sperm, thereby also causing these childhood disorders. Increases in the percentage of children in our school systems with neurological disorders provided as evidence of effects of chemicals used since 1940's.