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by Dr. Wayne Sinclair, M.D. 
  Asthma, Allergy & Immunology 
Vero Beach, FL 
Richard W. Pressinger, M.Ed.,  
Tampa, FL
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Chem-Tox has Moved to Vero Beach 
I'm sorry to say, but I have moved to Vero Beach.  My wife can't stand the traffic in Tampa so here we are.  Because of the $50 month expense for keeping the Chem-Tox/Malathion website running, I will have to temporarily shut down Chem-Tox until I locate employment over here to pay the bills.  Please keep in touch as Chem-Tox is also helping with a cluster of  child brain cancers just south of us in St. Lucie County.  Interestingly, St. Lucie County has the highest percentage of acreage of all Florida counties devoted to growing our heavily pesticide sprayed citrus.  I don't think this  is coincidence.  For keeping track of this situation and the documentation of child brain cancer and pesticides - please see our new website at 
CRAM is set to begin its legal challenge regarding the State's second emergency rule, developing the proposed permanent rule and developing legislation. We certainly need to do everything we can to make sure this broadcast malathion spraying does not happen again to our community. CRAM has presently raised $7,063.81 and we still need to reach our $10,000 goal to begin the legal proceedings. We have had many caring people pledge various sums of money for the legal challenge. If you have pledged contributions or would like to contribute please contact Eugenia Clark, Chair of the fund raising committee at (813) 988-8900 or 985-4414. Thank you to everyone who has pledged financial help in the legal challenge to stop the malathion spraying and Chem-Tox will keep you posted on the progress of the lawsuit. 
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Why the Medfly IS NOT an Emergency Situation 
Just sent to us from our friends from California - some excellent documentation from scientists regarding why the medfly is an established host, and therefore, should not qualify for emergency status and should not receive state funding for aerial spraying. Other documentation on how the agriculture industry overexaggerates economic loss from medfly. Very enlightening - check it out.

Friend Dies of Malathion Induced Leukemia  
We recently received a forum letter from Patti in Pompano, Florida regarding the death of her friend in California. Her friend's health problems began immediately following being sprayed with malathion. 

Chem-Tox has just completed the new Malathion Health Research Index making it easier to locate information on the dangers of malathion. We've also added new health effects studies including research showing health problems among children born after California aerial spraying, kidney damage in humans, malathion linked to blood disorders such as leukemia, lung damage and neurological damage in older test animals not seen in young test animals - more to come as we update information from last trip to University of Florida Medical Library. If this is not enough credible research to justify suspending malathion aerial spraying immediately, then we have made a dangerous move away from obvious common sense and into giving way to financial interests at the expense of human health.

Medfly Parasitic Wasps are Killed by Malathion 
Hawaii research finds that malathion is over 600 times more toxic to beneficial parasitic wasps which is nature's way of controlling the medfly. This certainly makes a strong case for the fact that by killing everything now with malathion will result in a worse medfly infestation later since the medflies natural enemies are being exterminated too. Maybe we should start releasing parasitic wasps? I'm sure they'd love even sterile medflies.

This is the transpcript of the Malathion meeting held at the Monterey Park, California, City Council Chambers (May, 1995). Participants included doctors and scientists with information on studies of infertility as well as true cancer risks. Other information reported on the true economic impact from the medfly, as current assessments by Agriculture are grossly over exaggerated. Special thanks to Charlotte Wagner and Frances Louise Wagner with the California anti-malathion group - "CEASE" (Citizens to End Aerial Spraying Through Education).


Pesticide Exposure Linked to Infertility 
Research shows agricultural workers have unusually high infertility rates. Other research shows low sperm count is associated with increased miscarriages and genetic problems.

Brain Damage/Neurotoxicity from Common Pesticides
C.R.A.M INFORMATION - dates - events - telephone #'s 
C.R.A.M is Tampa's citizen group formed to stop the aerial spraying of malathion over our community. C.R.A.M. stands for - 
(Citizen's for the Responsible Application of Malathion)



LIVE CHAT ROOM - Talk via your keyboard to other Tampa residents and C.R.A.M. members on malathion related topics. The Tampa Tribune has just set up a very nice chat room so let's use theirs - more people - more exposure. The discussion begins at  
8:30 PM every evening. Educate others about this website and encourage them to join our meetings etc. Before you can log on to the Tribune Chat Room you need to register with them to get your password. It takes 1 minute and is done by first clicking on the link register for chat.

 Malathion Poisoning Photographs

Backyard Fish Kill Photographed by Tampa Artist

Malathion in our Waterways - Facts from Tampa's E.P.C.

TELEVISION COMMERCIAL - the sound clip to our T.V. commercial
(when this link is "blue" you will then be able to hear the commercial)

Environmental Business Directory 
A list of businesses providing real alternatives and solutions to environmental problems.  
If we don't support these people we are part of the problem......
Email Link Directly to Bob Crawford's Office 
or call him at 904-488-3022 
Worldwide Malathion Bulletin Board 
Post your malathion thoughts on the world wide web. 
Let's set the facts straight from the misinformation already out there.
Who gets the DNA Damaging and Immune System Weakening Poison Next?


We absolutely must support these guys if we are ever going to stop the pesticides that are degrading our health and Florida's environment.
This company is now producing organically grown sugar, thereby eliminating pesticide and liquid fertilizer contamination of the Everglades, the environment, the air, our food and also exposure to their workers. Please support them by asking your grocer to carry their sugar products. I'm sure they would like if you would visit their website and send them an email of support.
Health Hazards from Malathion Related Pesticides
18 powerful research articles report how pesticides related to malathion are causing more health problems than previously realized - infections - cancers - neurological problems - evidence of learning disabilities in animals and autoimmunity, etc.
DDT still used by Florida Citrus Industry 
A little known fact is that Florida Citrus Groves still routinely use the the chlorinated pesticide KELTHANE, which has been reported by the EPA to contain DDT as a by-product during Kelthane's manufacture. Because of this technicality that DDT is not the primary ingredient, it's contamination as a by-product of manufacture is still allowed - this is absolutely inexcuseable and is information that should let people understand the extent of pollution the citrus industry is causing to Florida's ecosystem, the everglades, rivers surrounding citrus growing areas and impact on marine and wildlife. DDT levels in our environment are still commonly found and are not just remnants from 25 years ago. Information regarding the total amount of pesticides used by citrus groves can be seen by clicking - Contamination of Florida

Unusual Cancer Increase Found in St. Lucie County, Florida
There has been a cluster of child brain cancers and neuroblastomas identified in St. Lucie County, Florida. This site discusses what the research has to say about this serious form of cancer and environmental evidence explaining why the incidence rate of this cancer has been rapidly growing over the past 40 years.

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