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Need More MCS Neighbors


Hi guys. I am finally taking my doctors advice and moving to the ocean. I would love to have MCS neighbors. I have found a new subdivision on South Beach in Fort Pierce, Florida. My lot will be on Bayshore Drive. The river is across the street (Faber Cove). About four to five blocks away is the beach and 3 blocks to my west is the Fort Pierce Inlet. Lots of fresh air coming in off the ocean. This new subdivision is called "Beachcomber" and the lots avg. 60x110 (different sizes). I will pay $16,900.!!!!!!


Prices range from $14,900 to @$20,000.!!! The development has city water & sewer, cable and electric (all underground). I purchased via John V. Swartz at Beach Real Estate, (561) 466-5225, 301 So. Ocean Dr., Fort Pierce, FL 34949. I have no connection with this company and there are other realtors. I would guess 30 - 40 lots are available. This is a single family residential. For an idea of the area go to the Excite Search and key in "http//", where it says "take me there" key in "St. Lucie County, Fl", then click, "St. Lucie County, FL Maps". Zoom in on Fort Pierce. You will see the South Beach bridge and the North Beach bridge. Smithsonian is building a research lab at the foot of the South Beach bridge. On North Beach you have the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park Recreation, and a little up the river Harbor Branch Oceanographic Research. My plan is to build a two story old Key West style home with the living area upstairs (reverse floors) so that I get as much ocean air as I can. If enough MCS people moved to Beachcomber, we could have the first MCS community. Buy now -build later. These lots will move fast. My motive is to have a chemical free environment.